Thriving Families

A father holds his sons tightly, a calm moment in the whirlwind of raising two young boys. Tonight they will gather in the kitchen to cook dinner and troubleshoot homework. Mom and Dad will tuck the boys in for a good night’s rest, and they will also sleep soundly. The finance classes this weekend taught them how to avoid a foreclosure on their home. While this month they are saving to send the boys on a field trip, with the stability of their home they can plan for the future when they will have enough to send them off to college. Investing in Bay Area families means ensuring parents have the tools not only to be resilient in difficult times, but to dream big for their families, and find support for the questions that come up along the way.

6 hours

of financial education helps families put two times more into savings

$3.7 Million

invested in employment, housing, financial literacy programs for Bay Area residents